Feature Film



The Giant”2018 - Directed by David Raboy

Makeup Department Head: Designed all the makeup looks for the movie, as well as designing and fabricating prosthetic wounds and demonic hand prosthetics. (Odessa Young, Ben Schnetzer)


Skin (Untitled Weidner Project)” 2018 - Directed by Guy Nattiv

Makeup/SFX Makeup Additional: Applied tattoos and makeup for supporting characters. Worked under Stevie Bettles and Katie Middleton. (Jamie Bell, Vera Farmiga, Daniel Henshall, Danielle McDonald, Bill Camp)


Depraved” 2018 - Directed by Larry Fessenden

Special Effects Makeup Key: Helped apply modern day Frankenstein's monster makeup every day of film, including applying prosaide transfers and assisting with wounds and surgery makeups. Organized breakdown and kept continuity.


The Wolf Hour”2018 - Directed by Alistair Banks Griffin

Special Effects Makeup Assistant: Helped with the application of a healed burn makeup using prosaide transfers multiple shoot days (Naomi Watts, Kelvin Harrison Jr.)


After Everything”2017 - Directed by Hannah Marks and Joey Power

Makeup and Special Effects Department Head: Created the looks for the characters, applied cancer makeup including bald cap for majority of shoot (Jeremy Allen White, Maika Monroe, Gina Gershon, Dean Winters)


A Vigilante”2017 - Directed by Sarah Daggar-Nickson

Prosthetic Designer: Created scar, open wound and burn prosthetics for Olivia Wilde. Designed blade removal effect


Jonathan” 2016 - Directed by Bill Oliver

Makeup and Special Effects Department Head: Created the makeup designs for all characters(Patricia Clarkson, Ansel Elgort, Suki Waterhouse), as well as an implant device prosthetic with removal on screen


One Percent More Humid” 2016 - Directed by Liz W. Garcia

Makeup Artist and Prosthetic Designer: Created car crash wounds and fufilled makeup dept head duties for duration of movie (Juno Temple, Julia Garner)


Brauchau: Amish Witches” 2016 - Directed by Jake Wade Wall

Makeup and Special Effects Department Head: Lifetime Movie, designed Witch feet and hand makeups, a sewn hand, a“no face”makeup, Amish accurate makeup portrayals


Good Time” 2016 - Directed by Joshua and Ben Safdie

Special Effects Makeup: Applied silicone swollen eye prosthetic and tattoos daily (Robert Pattinson)


Like Me”2016 - Directed by Robert Mockler

Makeup Department Head: Makeup designer, continuity, swollen eye application on Addison Timlin


The Transfiguration” 2015 - Directed by Michael O'Shea Makeup Department Head and Additional Effects: Makeup Designer, continuity, applied Psoriasis prosthetics, burn scars

Central Park”2015 - Directed by Justin Reinsilber Makeup Department Head and Additional Effects: Sculpted encapsulated silicone knee gash prosthetics, helped create axe and knife blood gags (Justiin Davis, Ruby Modine)


Are We Not Cats”2015 - Directed by Xander Robin

Special Makeup Effects Additional: Assisted Monster in My Closet FX and Lisa Forst in bald cap application and hair laying, created sewn stomach makeup


The Mind's Eye”2015 - Directed by Joe Begos

Special Makeup Effects Additional: Assisted in gunshot to foot gag, telekinetic vein makeup


The Alcoholist”2014 - Directed by Lucas Pavetto

Makeup and Special Effects Department Head: Designed and kept track of a progression of sickness makeup, continuity


Once Upon a Time in Queens”2013 - Directed by Dave Rodriguez Makeup and Special Effects: On set blood effects and continuity


B-Side”2013 - Directed by Amos Posner

Additional Makeup Artist: Assisted Department heads and did makeup on secondary characters


Girls Against Boys”2012 - Directed by Austin Chick

Additional Makeup Artist: Assisted department heads, background makeup for Halloween party scene


Hellbenders”2011 - Directed by J.T. Petty

Additional Special Effects Makeup: Dirt makeup on background, blood assistance


Stake Land”2009 - Directed by Jim Mickle

Makeup and Special Effects Assistant: dirt makeup, scars and assistance with vampire prosthetics makeups



Big Dogs”8 Episode TV Series 2017 - Directed by David Platt, Darnell Martin, Matthew Penn, and Tony Glazer



Special Effects Makeup Department Head: Designed and created all tattoos for the show, all prosthetics including gunshot wounds and stab wounds, corpses.


Patio Pail” Adult Swim Bump 2016 - Directed by Joe Origlieri

Special Effects Makeup: Created boil effects and peeling skin


Sexy Beats” A&E 2014 - Directed by Alfonso Trinidad

Special Makeup Effects Assistant: Assisted Kristyan Mallet in applying the prosthetics to create each creature


Flesh For The Beast: Tsukiko's Curse” 2013-2014 - Directed by Carl Morano

Makeup and Special Effects Department Head: Makeup Designer, zombie and demon prosthetic makeup, bleeding tree prop, neck slice bleeding prosthetic, demon glove hand prosthetic creation, nails through hand/crucifixion makeup



The Makeup Designory New York, NY Master Makeup Artistry Program