"Depraved" 2018

Directed by Larry Fessenden

Makeup Department head as well as Special Effects Makeup Assistant. Responsible for creating looks for the cast as well as keeping continuity throughout the shoot. (Addison Timlin, Chloe Levine, Joshua Leonard)


"The Wolf Hour" 2018

Directed by Allistair Banks Griffin

Special Makeup Effects Assistant to Peter Gerner for a full arm healed burn effect.


"The Ranger" 2018

Directed by Jenn Wexler

Special Effects Makeup: Applied bullet wounds, track marks, severed head, axe hit and severed leg prosthetics and executed blood gags for those effects. Gunshot blood splatter effect. (Jeremy Holm, Chloe Levine)


"Shotgun" 2018

Directed by Hannah Marks and Joey Power

Makeup Department Head/Special Effects Artist: Designed stages of Chemotherapy makeup with bald cap application on Jeremy Allen White. (Maika Monroe, Joe Keery, Sasha Lane, Gina Gershon, Dean Winters.)


A Vigilante” 2017

Directed by Sarah Daggar-Nickson

Prosthetic Designer: Created scar, open wound and burn prosthetics for Olivia Wilde. Designed blade removal effect.


Jonathan” 2016

Directed by Bill Oliver

Makeup and Special Effects Department Head: Created the makeup designs for all characters(Patricia Clarkson, Ansel Elgort, Suki Waterhouse), as well as an implant device prosthetic with removal on screen


One Percent More Humid” 2016

Directed by Liz W. Garcia

Makeup Artist and Prosthetic Designer: Created car crash wounds and fufilled makeup dept head duties for duration of movie (Juno Temple, Julia Garner)


Brauchau: Amish Witches” 2016

Directed by Jake Wade Wall

Makeup and Special Effects Department Head: Designed Witch feet and hand makeups, a sewn hand, a “no face” makeup, Amish accurate makeup portrayals


Good Time” 2017

Directed by Joshua and Ben Safdie

Special Effects Makeup: Applied silicone swollen eye prosthetic and tattoos daily (Robert Pattinson)


Wetware” 2016

Directed by Jay Craven

Makeup Department Head: Designed makeups, continuity, burn makeup, sick makeup


Like Me”2016

Directed by Robert Mockler

Makeup Department Head: Makeup designer, continuity, swollen eye application on Addison Timlin


Crazy Famous” 2015

Directed by Paul Jarrett

Makeup Department Head: Makeup and Effects designer, beard laying, continuity


The Transfiguration” 2015

Directed by Michael O'Shea

Makeup Department Head and Additional Effects: Makeup Designer, continuity, applied Psoriasis prosthetics, burn scars


Amy Makes Three”2015

Directed by Josh Sternfeld

Makeup Department Head: Designer, continuity


Central Park”2015

Directed by Justin Reinsilber

Makeup Department Head and Additional Effects: Sculpted encapsulated silicone knee gash prosthetics, helped create axe and knife blood gags (Justiin Davis, Ruby Modine)


Are We Not Cats”2015

Directed by Xander Robin

Special Makeup Effects Additional: Assisted Monster in My Closet FX in bald cap application and hair laying, created sewn stomach makeup


The Mind's Eye”2015

Directed by Joe Begos

Special Makeup Effects Additional: Assisted in gunshot to foot gag, telekinetic vein makeup


The Price for Freedom”2015

Directed by Dylan Bank

Makeup and Special Effects Department Head: Beard laying, Historical figure recreation


The Alcoholist”2014

Directed by Lucas Pavetto

Makeup and Special Effects Department Head: Designed and kept track of a progression of sickness makeup, continuity


The Closer”2014

Directed by Eli Hershko

Makeup and Special Effects Department Head: Designed makeup and created blood gags


Movement and Location”2014

Directed by Alexis Boling

Special Effects Makeup Artist: Created a keloid scar that played multiple days and on multiple actors


Once Upon a Time in Queens”2013

Directed by Dave Rodriguez

Makeup and Special Effects: On set blood effects and continuity



Directed by Amos Posner

Additional Makeup Artist: Assisted Department heads and did makeup on secondary characters


Girls Against Boys”2012

Directed by Austin Chick

Additional Makeup Artist: Assisted department heads, background makeup for Halloween party scene


The Search For Agent Z”2012

Directed by Ryan Schmitz

Special Effects Makeup Department Head: Designed gunshot makeup effects, beat-up makeups and scars



Directed by J.T. Petty

Additional Special Effects Makeup: Dirt makeup on background, blood assistance



Directed by Eli Hershko

Additional Makeup: makeup assistance on leads


Stake Land”2009

Directed by Jim Mickle

Makeup and Special Effects Assistant: dirt makeup, scars and assistance with vampire prosthetics makeups




"Big Dogs" 2018

Directed by Tony Glazer, Darnell Martin, Matthew Penn and David Platt

Special Effects Makeup Department Head, responsible for designing and creating all of the effects for the show including a gunshot wound to the head, burns and other gunshot wounds.


Key of Awesome” 2016

Directed by Mark Douglas

Makeup Artist: Created “Look Alike” makeups for talent


Patio Pal” Adult Swim Bump 2016

Directed by Joe Origlieri

Special Effects Makeup: Created boil effects and peeling skin


Dead Again”A&E 2014

Directed by Mike Sheridan

Assistant Blood Designer: Recreated crime scene photos and blood splatter


Sexy Beats” A&E 2014

Directed by Alfonso Trinidad

Special Makeup Effects Assistant: Assisted in applying the prosthetics to create each creature


Flesh For The Beast: Tsukiko's Curse” 2013-2014

Directed by Carl Morano

Makeup and Special Effects Department Head: Makeup Designer, zombie and demon prosthetic makeup, bleeding tree prop, neck slice bleeding prosthetic, demon glove hand prosthetic creation, nails through hand/crucifixion makeup


Baby Care Huggies Commercial”2013

Last Pictures

Makeup Artist: Clean makeup application on mothers


USA: Character With A Cause Walgreens Commercial”2013


Makeup Artist: Clean makeup on characters in commercial


Bellator MTV2 Promo”2012

New Remote Productions Inc.

Makeup Artist: fake sweat and corrective makeup on fighters for promo


"HELP!" 2013

Lifelong Friendship Society

Makeup Artist: Assisted in full body dog makeup with prosthetics and airbrushing


Shinobi Girl” 2012

Directed by John Sirabella

Makeup and Special Effects Artist: Makeup Designer for leads, beat-up makeups, knife stab prosthetics


Pioneer One”2011

LastSat Productions LLC

Key Makeup Artist: Makeup Designer




Let's Play Dead Girl” 2016

Directed by Christian Moran

Makeup and Special Effects Department Head: Makeup Designer, created and applied full body “Slenderman” makeup


The Pod”2013

Directed by Eric Pennycoff

Key Makeup Artist: Makeup Designer, clean and natural


The Fix”2013

Directed by Ante Novakovic

Key Makeup Artist: Makeup Designer



Directed by Djordgie Dovivac

Makeup and Special Effects Artist: Medieval Period piece, large face scar application, as well as sword slash to the face


Streetfighters: Chun Li VS. Cammy”2012

Directed by Eddie Lebron

Makeup and Special Effects Artist: Recreation of video game characters to real life, hand laid mustache


Scars” 2011

Directed by Greg Caiafa

Key Makeup Artist: Keloid scars as well as clean and natural makeup




The Make-up Designory New York, NY Master Makeup Artistry Program